As we mentioned in our recent recap of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, the Dutch capital clearly has no shortage of music fans that will eat up anything served to them on an EDM platter, but that’s not to say the city’s vital underground is lacking in individuality. One such example is Tape, a label run by three friends with a hankering for doing things their own way. They’ve so far kept their focus on local producers, and each release comes packaged with silkscreened artwork created by their in-house designers. “As Simple As That,” a new track by label co-founder Reynier Hooft, who records analog-fueled tracks under the name Deniro, combines a vintage drum-machine beat with a clean, quick-running arpeggio. Italo-influenced strings hover overhead before a second acid-lite melody pokes through, demonstrating Hooft’s clear predilection for classic timbres. “As Simple As That” is a refreshing take on home production, as well as a reminder that sometimes it’s best to ignore current trends and focus on your own unique inspirations.

As Simple As That