Fortified Audio has a habit of releasing defining releases early in young artists’ careers, prior to their assimilation into larger circuits and bigger crowds. With its first release of 2012, however, the imprint has taken a left turn and prepped the Plastic Spokes EP from Seattle veteran 214. “Ask Yourself (Refix)” is not on the forthcoming record, but makes its case known as a driving electro workout helmed from the cybotronic shards of the Plastikmanclassic. Bobbing and weaving through slowly enveloping, razor-sharp synths and buoyed by a tense stampede of 808 samples, the tune explodes during its final minute with a dive-bombing bassline that swallows the other elements whole. Showing a deft touch for balancing intricately programmed drums with robotic phrases and and sidewinding synths, it’s 214’s patience in busting the track open at the five-minute mark with that surging, restless bassline that really clicks this refix into high gear. Take a peek at the tracklisting and preview the Plastic Spokes EP, after the jump.

1. Here We Stand
2. Riding With Your Plastic Spokes
3. Antarctica
4. First Chair

Ask Yourself (214 Refix)