LA beatmaker Mast is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of producer. On “Astral Projection,” a cut from Omniverse: Verse 1 (the first in a series of EPs set to drop via Alpha Pup), Mast folds hyper-speed loops, skittering rhythms, bouncing keys, and a bevy of kaleidoscoping guitars into the track’s run. Spanning five-minutes, the production doesn’t seem to be on any exact path, rather, the track appears free to twist and turn at will, resulting in an effort that revels in its aimlessness, uncovering detailed nuances as it continually evolves and reshaps. “Astral Projection” is set to appear alongside five other original productions when Mast’s Omniverse: Verse 1 EP sees its official release tomorrow.

Astral Projection