Back in February, XLR8Rpremieredastvaldur‘s debut album, At Least, which dropped on Berlin’s oqko imprint the same month. The stunning debut presented a unique vision full of twisting soundscapes, tense atmospheres, and inspired sound design.

Now, the album returns in the form of At Least Remixed, a series of individual reinterpretations of the original songs by NAAFI’s Siete Catorce and Oly, Berlin Community Radio’s Dis Fig, Reykjavik’s Lärka, Manchester’s Daniel Ruane, and oqko’s own smog. To celebrate, the label has offered up smog’s remix as today’s XLR8R download. For his interpretation, smog melds searing synth lines with crackling textures into a haunting six-minute journey.

You can grab smog’s remix below, with the full remix EP available here.

Rotary Credo (smog Remix)