Squareglass—founded by London producers Bunki and Ballerino—has found its stride as of late with releases that vacillate between a slew of different scenes. From the galactic soundscapes of Daniel Cherney to the subdued, emotive vocals of Leiik, the imprint is careful to remain light on its toes, untethered to any particular sound, genre, or mood. What’s more, the founders have achieved acclaim from focusing near-exclusively on London-based talent, illustrating that one needn’t look far to form the cohesive basis of a new record label.

To put a bow on their summer activities, the pair have launched Athlete Whippet, a collaborative production moniker that could reflect future label aspirations. “Complain,” their debut single, is up for today’s XLR8R download. Between Ballerino’s house sensibilities and Bunki’s penchant for hazy synths and unorthodox rhythms, the track is indicative of Squareglass’ refreshing duality to date.