Focusing on low-slung IDM, acid, and atmospheric electro with nods to krautrock and ambient sounds, Steve Hyland’s ATTRAKTTA project now gets an extended outing on the FILM label. Across eight tracks, Hyland—one of the founding members of AI Records and subsequently Concrete Plastic, explores vibrant synthesis and intricate drum programming, with the music arriving at a sweet spot between home listening material and club-ready workouts. 

Eschewing straightforward synth sequences in favour of blissed out sonics, we’re told that Hyland “transmits a curious psychedelia” on his debut LP. The label describes it as a “colourful, exquisitely composed LP that riffs on a timeless production aesthetic with considerable style.” 

Echo Principle will land on August 10, with “Memoryhouse,” a digital bonus track, available for download now via the WeTransfer button—or here for the EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


A1: Pulse Echo

A2: Distance in Ultrablue

A3: McMurdo Sound

B1: Stay Frosty

B2: Echo Principle

B3: Boom Halo

B4: Pastel Acid