Aucan is a three-piece electronic live act out of Brescia, Italy that is made up of core members Jo Ferliga, Dario Dassenno, and Francesco D’Abbraccio. The trio’s live performances and studio productions take cues from post-rock, IDM, electro, and techno, making it difficult to pigeon-hole Aucan into one specific genre. Throughout its formative years, Aucan evolved beyond its particular rock categories, and began touring all over Europe performing over 300 shows and gaining enough recognition to open for electronic innovators like The Chemical Brothers, Matmos, Fuck Buttons, and Ryoji Ikeda. Aucan’s gear and synth collection also expanded over the years enough to inform the band’s current incarnation, which is now well-known for being 100% live hardware-based performances.

For its next album, which is a fullā€length LP for Kowloon Records called Stelle Fisse, Aucan present a sprawling electronic LP that lends itself to arresting synth-work, detached samplers, and pitched vocals. The album is said to conceptualize “a symbol of the permanent things in life, points of reference that never move away.” Comprised of 10 original productions and due out on November 20, the album is as equally haunting as it is emotive. For today’s XLR8R download, Aucan is offering up a very exciting single from the new album in the form of the raw and rhythmic track “Errors.” You can also pre-order the new album on vinyl, CD, or various digital formats right now over on the Kowloon Records web store, and with every pre-order comes with a free immediate download of one of the new singles off the album. You can find out more about Aucan by visiting them online, and you can get your hands on a free copy of the track “Errors” by clicking on the media player below.

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