August Landelius isn’t an easy artist to pin down. The Swedish producer’s music exists in a world with fluid borders, his work spilling and flowing easily between genres and styles. He debuted in 2015 with the Float EP and now, almost four years later, he’s back with new music, and an album pencilled in for 2019. The time he’s been away has been well-spent, upgrading his musical talents and expanding his equipment options: “In the last few years I have gone from being a laptop-producer to having my own studio and equipment,” he says. “I started out by spending countless hours on YouTube, figuring out which gear I liked. A warm, punchy, rustic sound was absolute priority, even if that meant that the synth I wanted to get was really complicated to work with. It took a long time to be able to tame all this new (second hand) gear.” 

The first single to be released from the new album is “All You Can Eat,” a dark, woozy blend of trip-hop and experimental electronica about the specific social group Landelius is from. 

“I’m a very privileged boy from Sweden and white male Swedes from where I’m from are used to complaining about all kinds of small things,” he says. “I was extremely grossed out by myself and all my whining about useless problems. Not that I loved myself before, but now I almost felt like I had lost my identity, which is really pathetic.The thing is I couldn’t really help being a bit sad even though I now really, really understood how privileged I was.” 

In support of the album, out later this year, you can download “All You Can Eat” below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.