For the final MP3 to appear in our Downloads section this week, we’re taking a bit of a left turn in order to dive into some refracted tape manipulations from Night & Tickets. Though we don’t know much about the outfit—other than that it hails from Vladivostok, Russia—we do know Night & Tickets’ Actually I Really Hate Summer cassette will serve as one of four tapes to appear in the Constellation Tatsu label’s “Fall Batch” of releases (all out on November 1). Featured here, “August Morning in My City” finds Night & Tickets slowly bringing together a collection of glowing textures, lined with heavy layers of hiss and noise, and constantly manipulated through any number of electronic devices. A collage of disparate samples and ever-morphing synth tones, the track does sneak in a handful of drum breaks throughout its run, which giving production a sense of forward momentum as Night & Tickets continues to add to its (somewhat surprisingly) warm and inviting sonic construction.

August Morning in My City