French-house is a genre that has always been near and dear to the heart of many club-goers, and eventually this unique sound would find its way into many different types of house music. I can still remember the first time I was introduced to producers like Étienne de Crécy or Cassius, who would go on to shape the all encompassing sound by which aspiring producers would later create derivatives of the French-house genre like filter-house, French touch, and new French. Now you can find producers who have been influenced by this sound all over the world from Porto to Los Angeles, and that is exactly where we find ourselves with our latest download from California producer, Auriént. With a strong appreciation for disco and Chicago house music, Auriént has created a fresh but familiar sound with it’s latest EP, Nu Phrench out today on van Drumpt. This new release includes the original version of the title track along with a remix by LeSabra, and a remix Portugal producer, Snowman. While there’s an underlying taste of French touch to Auriént‘s music, he colors outside the lines between nu disco and vocal house as well. The Snowball remix takes a more speedy approach to the original while also layering in filtered synths that push the track in new directions. The plucking bass line and robotic vocals make for a finished track that Kavinsky would probably listen to in his car on the way to a film set.

You can find out more about Aurient by visiting the van Drumpt website, and you grab the Snowman remix of the title track by clicking on the media player below.

Nu Phrench (Snowman Remix)