Portland-based producer Joel Shanahan has been prolific in constructing an impressive back catalogue over the past five years with a busy, chaotic approach to house tropes with his Golden Donna project. Under his Auscultation alias, derived from the Latin verb “to listen,” Shanahan takes a considerably more ambient, introspective approach to his sound. On his 2014 debut L’étreinte Imaginaire, which was released on the multifarious Vancouver-based imprint 1080p, he amplified the melancholic themes present in his dancefloor ready offerings with considerable care to melodic progression. Spiritland, his new self-released album, includes new tracks alongside music composed during the studio sessions for his first album.

Shanahan has offered up the second track off Spiritland, titled “Vase,” as today’s XLR8R download. The journey through its patient development, atmospheric sub bass, and dissonant hi-hats complements his work as Golden Donna and provides a candid look into his alter-ego’s creative process.

You can download “Vase” below via WeTransfer.