Here we have a pleasant surprise from the diverse roster Sufjan Stevens and company maintain over at Asthmatic Kitty. “Autumn Sunrise” comes to us from 18-year-old producer InfinitiRock, whose press release claims that he’s been crafting instrumental beats for the last 12 years–which means while all the other kids were playing hide-and-go-seek, InfinitiRock was putting in work “in the lab.” Sure sounds like the time spent early on has paid off, as this track can certainly hold its own amongst the current wave of stoney, blissful beats with its distant pitch-shifted samples and delicate percussion programming that bounces between the track’s monstrous low end. With its calming flow, it’s no surprise that “Autumn Sunrise” serves as the last full track on InfinitiRock’s contribution to Astmatic Kitty’s Library Catalog Music series, a chapter entitled Music For Primordial Recollection (artwork above). And for those whose curiosity is piqued from this first taste, a full stream of the album can be found here.