East London grime producer Spooky (not to be confused with trip-hop veteran DJ Spooky) has been running around the UK scene for a while now: He produced 2011 standout “Spartan,” he runs the Ghost House label, and also hosts a weekly show on DejaVU FM. So it’s no surprise that his latest single, “Baby,” is backed with five remixes from well-known producers such as DJ Q, Matrixxman, and Mista Men. Flava D, the sole female producer amongst the five remixers, takes Spooky’s original track and blurs the edges, injecting the rolling beat with even more swing and bounce. Choosing to focus on the big picture instead of each individual element, she creates a tune that has a natural flow and could easily be injected into just about any party mix. It might not be drastically different from the original version, but Flava D’s minimalist take on “Baby” is nonetheless refreshing in its straightforwardness.

Baby (Flava D remix)