DJ/producer Jason Burns comes from Cleveland, Ohio, a place best known for its sports teams and shrines to rock ‘n’ roll, so you could understand that we were slightly taken aback when the he dropped this heart-wrenchingly soulful, UK-centric bass tune in our inbox the other day. Called “Back 2 You,” the unreleased production corrals all the hallmarks of a contemporary dancefloor heater—R&B vocal samples, deep sub-bass tones, sparkling synth hooks, and skittering club rhythms—slowing them down into a syrupy 2-stepper that’ll make you want to slow dance with whoever is standing closest (maybe even grind on ’em a bit, depending). The more we listen to Burns’ work, the more it reminds us of low-end- and R&B-lovers like Brenmar and Kingdom, albeit with a heavier dash of proper dubstep soundscapes. Look for more of these jams from the Midwestern tunesmith when his first record drops via Sam Supa‘s Brap Dem! label later this year.

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