It has been a while since we last heard from Doctor Jeep, but we’re glad to see the young East Coast producer once again, this time with a slick reworking of arty indie-pop group Blind Benny in hand. Grabbing our attention right from the start, Doctor Jeep begins the remix in dark, futuristic R&B territory, matching a rolling kick pattern with pitched-up vocal snippets and a massive-sounding set of organ chords. Then as the initial build-up reaches its apex, the floor drops out from under us, and we fall directly into a propulsive hybrid of UK-influenced house and rave-inspired electro. Doctor Jeep’s remix serves as the closing number for Blind Benny’s recently released Lucid EP (artwork above), which also features a sampling of other remixes from several up-and-coming producers.

Bad Dreams (Doctor Jeep ReFix)