Vancouver imprint Hybridity focuses on artists who combine production prowess with a talent for live performance, and with local artist Calamalka, the label has found its archetype. Utilizing his experience as a composer for short films and interactive gaming, as well as using his background as a drummer to foster an innate rhythmic sensibility in his beatmaking, the producer born Michael Campitelli displays a multi-dimensional side to his music with “Bad Scene.” Fluorescent synthesizers heave to and fro over a cataclysmic pendulum beat, which is strung together by syncopated computer blips and a kick that’s set to a slow, stomping march. As the song builds steam, new synths begin to spill over the heavily side-chained compression in a whirlwind of panning color that melts away only within the last five seconds. “Bad Scene” is taken from Calamalka’s forthcoming LP, All the Way Up, which will be available on July 24.

Bad Scene