Baltra‘s album debut is described as a “time capsule of expression” that started out as an idea lacking focus, to just release an album, but took on greater meaning when his father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. The album is titled Ted in his honour.

Whilst an unexpected tragedy may have shaped the trajectory of the album and given it a sense of purpose—whilst also tinting it with sadness—we’re told that the result feels more rooted in triumph. As grief can often do, it plunges one deep into themselves, allowing them to connect to a deeper and more intimate level than perhaps normally possible. As result, Baltra’s debut is a “deeply personal, intricate, and stirring collection of electronic music,” the label explains. 

Fusing subtle fizzing beats, gently whirring melodies, engulfing atmospheres, and tracks that weave between dancefloor euphoria and isolated headphone listening, Baltra explores the nuances of electronic music. The album gently glides between genres; subtle flickers of drum & bass nestle up against minimal techno, whilst clouds of ambient coat tracks in a dreamy and immersive fog. It lands on July 19 via New York’s 96 and Forever

In support of the album, we’re offering “Bankrolls,” a gnarly house jam with raw vocals, as one of today’s free downloads. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. Album pre-order can be found here