Beat-bender Mochipet released his wobbly, warped hip-hop album, Microphonepet, back in the spring of this year. Then he went and announced a remix companion to the album, slated for a December 2 release via his own Daly City imprint. Jahcoozi, Darko, and Boreta all hold spots on the tracklisting, as does London’s Fliami Vice, who did this track. As was the case on the original cut, Oakland’s E Da Boss and Bicasso (of Living Legends fame) show up for guest spots.

Microphonepet Remixed
01 Get Your Whistle Wet (CLP Remix)
02 Banana Split (Fliami Vice Remix)
03 Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ C Remix)
04 Lazy Day (Starting Teeth Remix)
05 Rambunktion (Mochipet’s Audio Graffiti Remix)
06 Rambunktion (Boreta Remix)
07 Rambunktion (Jahcoozi Remix)
08 Vnecks (Darko Remix)

Mochipet – Banana Split (Fliami Vice Remix)