Born and raised in Naples, Italy, the now London-based electronic music producer and visual artist Claudio Crispo (a.k.a. Banku) will release his latest EP, Quicksilver, via Seattle’s Hush Hush Records later this month. Crispo has released a handful of EPs since his move to the UK in 2012, with Quicksilver said to be inspired by his “bustling cosmopolitan surroundings,” with four wide ranging tracks encompassing techno, house, and IDM influences. In support of the release, Crispo has shared standout cut “Mothball,” a collaborative effort with American indie band Tallows, which gallops along at a steady pace, filled to the brim with atmospheric textures, piercing pads, and otherworldy vocal chops. The full EP will arrive on June 15, with “Mothball (feat. Tallows)” available for free below.

Mothball (feat. Tallows)