After one quarter of Swiss collective Nicola Kazimir was kind enough to offer up a download for us last week, we’re now able to follow it up with a track from a second member, Barbir. The young musicians are riding a hot streak at the moment: just yesterday their excellent second full-length together (Anthoms) dropped into stores. A diverse work, we reflected on it as the “culmination of a few years of musical maturation,” after “the Swiss producers have said good bye to convention, and hello to studio innovation.”

Barbir’s “PREGNANT606” is an insight into just one of the styles they are pushing at the moment—a dark, synth-heavy electro workout—and also just one cut from a very expansive catalog of unreleased tunes. Chaotic uptempo drums and a flanged synth crash against one another, broken up with the occasional pause for air. It’s thrashy, riotous, and most importantly, fun.

Download “PREGNANT606” below via WeTransfer. Anthoms is available to purchase now at and