Barcelona-based DJ and producer Bitcode (pictured above) is set to release a new EP early next month via Spanish imprint Tracy that will feature two originals and three remixes, including this one by Warp alumnus Jimmy Edgar. The original “Bark” is a piece of club-ready electro that emphasizes heavy bass while cool short vocal snippets and synth stabs drive the melody. On his version, Edgar adds considerable flair to the tune by syncopating the bassline and drum pattern, playing with pitch shifting and delay, and chopping the already short and heavily effected vocals into a more complex arrangement that is somehow even more dancefloor-friendly. Check out the artwork and tracklisting for Bitcode’s upcoming Some Bass EP after the jump.

01 Bitcode “Some Bass”
02 Bitcode “Bark”
03 Bitcode “Some Bass (Los Salvadores Del Ritmo Remix)”
04 Bitcode “Bark (Jimmy Edgar Remix)”
05 Bitcode “Bark (Bobmo Remix)”

Bark (Jimmy Edgar Remix)