We haven’t exactly been keeping tabs on Hamburg-based DJ/producer Boys Noize or his eponymous label, but its latest signee, SCNTST (a.k.a. Bryan Müller), has managed to catch our attention. The young producer trades in particularly hard-hitting rhythms that ride the line between bombastic club sounds and an austere techno aesthetic. On “Basement Structure,” taken from his Percee Scan EP (out next Monday as a four-track digital package and two-track vinyl), Müller works a distorted, thumping kick with disco-sourced hi-hats into a frenzy, creating a barnburner of a jam with little more than those elements and a handful of slowly swelling synth chords. The rhythmically focused production takes a momentary detour during a swirling breakdown, just before flanged piano chords ramp the energy back up and keep “Basement Structure” steadily driving until its conclusion.

Basement Structure