In recent months, the internet has been abuzz with the sounds of kuduro, the high-energy, lo-fi dance music coming out of Angola. Yet very few official kuduro releases exist, as even within Angola the genre flourishes via a network of pirated CDs and rave-like outdoor parties. Hot tunes usually aren’t pressed up on vinyl–they’re much more likely to be heard blaring from taxis darting through the streets of Luanda.

Bucking the trend is Philadelphia label Flamin’ Hotz, which has previously made a name for itself with a number of B-more and baile funk releases. Força Kuduro! is the label’s newest release, and it features six kuduro tracks curated by Frédéric Galliano, one of the biggest foreign exporters of the sound. While “Bate No Peito (Com Respeito)” was crafted by Paris-based DJ Tecas, other songs on the EP utilize the vocal talent of Angolan MCs Pai Diesel, Zoca Zoca, and Puto Lilas.

Bate No Peito (Com Respeito)