On Los Angeles-based artist Adam Forkner’s forthcoming THRU.U LP—a self-released record out on February 11, and the first White Rainbow LP to see a vinyl release since 2009’s New Clouds—he continues a pursuit of dreamlike beat collages and wonky electro-funk, often underpinned with his own spectral vocals. Featured here, lead cut “Batman Palace” bursts open in a flutter of hi-hats, confectionary synth layers, and a lilting, euphoric refrain which Forkner uses to ground the rhythmic havoc around him. The tracklist and artwork for THRU.U can be found after the jump.

1. Batman Palace
2. Cuban Egg
3. Killswitch
4. Don’t Wait
5. Dans On
6. Be the Dancer, Be the Dreamer
7. Touchdown
8. Plane 2 Sea
9. Only 4 Us
10. Terminator Failed
11. Screen Blind

Batman Palace