Several versions of “BB Bleu” have been floating around for a few years, but this month, a remastered take will finally see an official release. Virginia native Kid A (a.k.a. Ann Alexander Thweat) reworked the track with Airflex Labs label boss Opti (a.k.a. Pierre Serafini) and French producer Agoria, and then handed it over to artists like Daedelus and Eliphino to be remixed. Although the end results won’t drop via French outpost Technicolour until June 11, the label has offered up a remix of “BB Bleu” by Dolor as a taste of what’s to come. Dolor’s version is more intensely atmospheric and dramatic than the single itself; he transforms the slow house rhythm into a surging broken beat and stretches the vocals into wispy layers of sound that are tucked into moments of silence.

BB Bleu (Dolor Remix)