Jameszoo (pictured above) has been responsible for his share of eccentric beats recently, and on his remix of “Be, I Do”—a cut pulled Nightmares on Wax‘s fast-approachingFeelin’ Good LP for Warp (out September 17)—the Dutch producer again conjures up an off-kilter production that illicits equal amounts of head scratching and head nodding. In a span of just four minutes, the rising beatsmith essentially rolls through three different beats—beginning with a spacey set of chords and rising melodies before landing us in the middle of some cartoon funk. Everything gradually morphs back into a space voyage of boom-bap rhythms, all topped off with a proper jazz touch. In the end, Jameszoo again proves that disorienting your listener isn’t always such a bad thing, especially when the guy in charge of the sounds seems able to effortlessly strut around all the disparate parts with confidence.

Be I Do (Jameszoo Remix)