From the opening piano chords of this Murphy Jax dub, it’s clear you’re in for an undertaking of tried-and-true house. The Berlin-based remixer works Headman‘s (pictured above) “Be Loved” (the original version of which dropped late last year) into an almost entirely instrumental dub, stripping most of the vocals away and focusing instead on the track’s rythmic offerings: percussion, bass, hats, and the like—all anchored by a steady four-on-the-floor kick. It’s clearly a tune inspired by classic house, but one that comes with a crisp aesthetic, placing it squarely in current dance-music territory. This dub version won’t be included on Headman’s upcoming EP, Turning, which is set to drop on April 30, but the six-track effort will include a proper Murphy Jax remix. You can check the complete EP tracklist following the jump.

01 Turning
02 Turning Dub
03 Turning (Emperor Machine Special Extended Version)
04 Turning (Scott Fraser’s Basement Riposte Dub)
05 Be Loved (Richard Fearless / Death in Vegas Remix)
06 Be Loved (Murphy Jax Remix)

Be Loved (Murphy Jax Dub)