During the summer of 2015, the established NYC producer MANIK took the XLR8R downloads section by storm with his three Janet Jackson edits, two of which evidently took the #10 and #1 spot on our Top 100 Downloads of 2015 roundup. Now that the summer has returned, MANIK has offered up yet another secret weapon of his that is bound to go over swimmingly. After showing some robust charting with his latest EP on Josh Wink‘s Ovum Recordings and Steve Bug‘s Poker Flat imprint, the artist has a new Bpitch Control EP coming in September and a forthcoming Discogs Podcast next month. It’s safe to say that MANIK’s level of production and mounting acclaim show no signs of slowing down.

The edit that MANIK has graciously offered up this month is a jazzed-up and syrupy rework of the famed Beastie Boys track “Paul Revere.” Taking the original track’s signature inverted sound and injecting it with an adrenalin induced house beat, MANIK rehashes the track so it can seamlessly slip out onto the dancefloor.

You can download the track below via WeTransfer.

BB01 (MANIK 13 Colonies Edit)