Hailing from the eastern corner of the Netherlands’ Randstad conurbation, Utrecht-based musician Beatsofreen (a.k.a. Bastiaan van der Vlist) has recently been celebrating the release of his full-length album, Full Circle. Having debuted the album on November 6 on the Canadian beat-centric label King Deluxe, the producer‘s new work was conceptualized over a four-year period, and features 14 tracks that are reminiscent of the sounds coming out of the West Coast beat scene around 2009. Quite listenable from start to finish, the production makes us feel mildly nostalgic for mid-2000’s era of Flying Lotus or Per Abdul. Beatsofreen tells us that his inspiration came from the familiar sonics of Utrecht as well as from sounds found in nature, creating a mosaic of beats through a combination of field recordings, piano, guitar, harp, flute, percussion, claps, and his own voice.

For today’s XLR8R download, Beatsofreen is offering up the new album’s “Chaos Theory” for your discerning aural pleasure. The track is produced with rich percussive layers made of pure head-nod shit, along with claps that go straight to the dome—all built upon the strength of 8-bit misaligned backbone. There are some Homer Simpson clips and other video-game samples thrown over the top for good measure—along with another sample of a video-game death at the 1:28 mark that is driving us crazy trying to remember where it came from. The artist is also sharing his new video for the track “Slowly Rising,” which was directed and animated by Hideki Inabi. You can find out more about Beatsofreen and his album Full Circle by visiting him online, and you can download your copy of “Chaos Theory” by clicking on the media player below.

Chaos Theory

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Slowly Rising from kanahebi on Vimeo.