This deep, soulful slice of blissful house comes to us from Los Angeles-based producer Urulu, who is set to release his sophomore EP, Goodbyes (artwork above), tomorrow via the Pet Food imprint. And just in time for the summer it seems, as “Been Here Before” sounds like just the right tempo for any number of warm and/or moonlit situations the coming months may bring. Maybe the laid-back bassline and crisp chords are perfect for a lazy afternoon pool party, or maybe the percolating percussion and soulful vocal samples have “late night dance bonanza” written all over them. Really, we could even see this track fitting nicely into an aimless late-night/early-morning-style road trip if the situation should arise. Either way, we’re willing to endure a little trial and error to figure out exactly where “Been Here Before” is best fit, ’cause something tells us the payoff is sure to be worth it.

Been Here Before