French producer Kevin Houston (a.k.a. Heblank) has contributed a few remixes and one-off tracks to Infinite Machine, but the new Beheaded EP is his first official release for the Montreal label. Supplemented by three remixes, the title track is the record’s sole original production, and it’s the definition of a slow-burner. The backbone of the song is a swaying, seasick synth figure that swings between the speakers like a grandfather clock. It keeps time reluctantly, always hanging stolidly in the background. A kick drum enters not long after, but it never manages to clear away the nausea. Across the track’s nine minutes, Heblank scatters hi-hats and woodblocks, suddenly leaping into bouts of disorienting doubletime. The effect can be perplexing, but once we’re taken down the rabbit hole, there are some deep earworms to be found. And more of Heblank’s Beheaded EP can be previewed after the jump.

01.- Beheaded