The good people of Sacramento-based Lefse Records have made available a track from the second edition of their ongoing Way Slow series, a “cover” of Soul For Real’s “Being With You” from St. Louis-based producer Phaseone. The track is more of an instrumental reinterpretation than a cover, taking the song’s original chord progression and vocal melody to new and more interesting territory. “Being With You” seems to be in no rush, slowly building on its laid-back R&B vibe for almost three minutes before kicking in with an assault of thick, layered synth pads and smooth, gliding melodies. Expect vocal chops, shuffling percussion fills, and plenty of slow head-nodding from this one. Phaseone’s contribution to the Way Slow series, which also features a “cover” of Keith Sweat’s “Right & Wrong,” will be available December 14.