Not a lot is known of Benny G. His bio states he is a “native of Borås and raised in Malmö,” getting tutelage under “Uncle Balle Anassi in the late 00s in their hometown, before moving to Shit Music For Shit People’s Off Limits production studio in the mid-2010s, creating music for various acts, including Snake.” 

Benny G’s new EP, Telephone & Saxophone, lands on Shit Music For Shit People today, presenting a feel-good collection of jazz-infused house music. From the title track’s dreamy atmospheres to the classic funk of “One for the Money” and the warped, skeletal jazz of “STD (String Tension Decreased),” it’s an EP perfectly fit for the summer months. 

In support of the EP, you can download “Telephone & Saxophone” below, with the full EP available here

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.