If you have ever been to Need I Say More, the annual 7AM party thrown by Seth Troxler and Ryan Crosson in the backyard of a VFW bar called Old Miami in Detroit during Movement, then you know that the party boasts unbelievable secret lineups that are headlined by the likes of Dixon, Tale of Us, and Daniel Bell. Back in 2012, Benoit & Sergio took to the infamous rickety riser to perform a secret live set that absolutely shook the panties off anyone near the grassy knoll that day. For the last three years, dancers and die-hard shazamers have been digging for the Daft Punk inspired track that Benoit & Sergio leveled the pond with that day. A video floated around the internet of the duo playing the track at Old Miami, and ever since then the track has gone down in ketamine lore as the one song that all the fans love, but will never be released. Today marks almost four years of this unbelievable secret weapon being used as a litmus test by Benoit & Sergio to gauge how strong the vibe really is, and now, XLR8R is here to tell you that the wait is over, and that we have “Rev 909” by Benoit & Sergio right here being offered as a free download. To mark this momentous occasion, the boys have two huge new releases coming up that they would like you to know about:

The first is an new release coming out on Leftroom Limited called House With 500 Rooms that will be released on October 16. The second release is an EP called Old Streets, coming out on November 13 on Soul Clap Records, with remix and a dub side produced by Clarian. Benoit & Sergio also have some tour dates lined up, with multiple stops in CA that include Audio Discotech, Wavs, and Transmit Festival in Los Angeles. The duo will also be sharing the stage with Steve Bug and Mathew Jonson at the Geist Showcase at Closure in Amsterdam as part of this year’s official ADE program. Enjoy this little bit of legendary history, and listen as it spreads to every hungry dancefloor across the world over the fall. 

02 Oct 2015 / Wavs with Benoit & Sergio at The Wayfarer, Los Angeles
03 Oct 2015 / Boudoir presents Benoit & Sergio at Audio Discotech, San Francisco
04 Oct 2015 / Dirtybird Campout at Oak Canyon Ranch, Los Angeles
09 Oct 2015 / Benoit & Sergio – Secret Location – Houston, Texas
10 Oct 2015 / Transmit feat. Benoit & Sergio, Matthew Dear, NRP, Wankelmut, Droog, Ricoshëi at LA Center Studios, California
16 Oct 2015 / Benoit & Sergio at Opium Rooms, Ireland
17 Oct 2015 / Mathew Jonson Live + Magda + Steve Bug + Benoit & Sergio Live + Clarian (Geist Showcase) at Closure, Amsterdam as part of ADE
23 Oct 2015 / Nacelle House Sessions at The Temple, Giza, Egypt
24 Oct 2015 / Take It Easy, Milan
30 Oct 2015 / Benoit & Sergio – Didi Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
31 Oct 2015 / Indigo – Istanbul, Turkey

Rev 909