It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the now-Berlin-based producer My Dry Wet Mess, but we’re pleased to share that he will soon release his Stereo Typing LP via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. In the album’s opening track, “Berlin Stereo Hands,” the artist born Giovanni Civitenga flawlessly fuses live guitars into a busy sonic landscape of live drums, playful electronic bursts, and a racing, winding melody—culminating in a tune that fits in perfectly at the Brainfeeder camp. In a press release, Civitenga said of the album, “It’s got this hard-to-de?ne quality to it, a sense of ‘future nostalgia’ that I love and that I ?nd extremely appropriate for my music and the ideas behind it.” The rest of Stereo Typing will be ready on November 13, but you can check out the album art and tracklist now, after the jump.

Berlin Stereo Hands
Austere Coincidences
When We Were Wrong
Words I Didn’t
Mombasa Tutu
Clappin’ Ears
A Wrong Number
My Warped Tits
Bullshit Indeed
Glue and the Love in It
Nowhere Now
Prismas (feat. Eva Puyuelo)
Youth Reboot

Berlin Stereo Hands