Bernhard Robert (a.k.a Berni) is set to release his first solo EP. The record follows his contribution to Portray’s Various Artists EP Never Stop and a recent release in collaboration with Jonas Palzer on Rivulet Records.

Having been friends with Jonas—who runs Portray together with Julian Terzyk—for almost two decades, this record is a family affair. It contains five live jams straggling between the edges of techno, house and ambient. Today the label has offered up “Been,” the EP’s opening cut, as a download.


A1. Berni “Been”
A2. Berni “There”
B1. Berni “Done”
B2. Berni “That”
B3. Berni “Again”

Somewhere between Horizontalia and Horizon EP is scheduled for November release on Portray; “Been” is downloadable via the WeTransfer button below.