Originally trained as a jazz guitarist, Beshken first became interested in dance music while DJing house parties and clubs in Los Angeles. Heavily influenced by the city’s rich, colorful, and diverse sounds, he has cultured his identity, ideology, and musical dexterity with constant artistic and introspective development. Now based in Brooklyn, 21-year-old Ben Shirken creates a lush and effervescent atmosphere of sound by blending elements of electronic music, jazz, and indie rock. His live show blends electronic and organic elements with custom visuals to create an audio/visual experience, one that reflects his curiosity to combine real-world sounds with digital elements.

His latest work is “Fruits,” a track that reveals the toxicity often masked by normalcy. It’s inspired by a trip to Rome where Shirken walked through a square called the Campo De’ Fiori, which translates to “Field of Flowers.” Active as a cultural centre for over 600 years, the square is now a bustling marketplace but was once used for public executions. “I captured the sounds of a stall owner chopping fruits and vegetables, a man pushing a shopping cart full of different meats and cheeses, and a street performer singing an ominous opera,” he explains. “Listening to “Fruits” transports me back to that summer day in Rome. Things that are seemingly normal—a popular open-air market—can have hidden, evil contexts. We go about our days often unaware of what is buried underneath the field of flowers.”

You can grab “Fruits” now via the WeTransfer button below.


Profile photo: Nina Gofur