The two producers comprising Souleance make no bones about the fact that they’re DJs making records for other DJs. The French duo of Fulgeance and DJ Soulist approached its latest beat tape with only one goal in mind: making tracks that would seemlessly integrate into their own sets of raw, crate-dug funk. Souleance seems to know its stuff, too, as its tracks are built upon a rotating array of influences. “Biscornu,” taken from the back half of the forthcoming La Beat Tape, is built on a thick break with a fuzzed-out bassline strutting over top of it. Synth chords drop 30 seconds in, and what starts as a break track morphs into a sweet, trip-hop-touched interlude before bringing back the funk. The rest of the 20-track La Beat Tape will be released digitally on February 4 via First Word—with a 7″ of four of its most “DJ friendly” tracks to follow soon after—but you can preview each of its tunes before then, after the jump.