Sweden’s got another fresh import, in the form of the two-woman, four-man outfit going by the name of Fredrik. Hard to know what to call this band’s music, though it’s clear the six members are more than up for experimenting with traditional pop’s sound structure. Members cite everyone from The Fairport Convention to ~scape label boss Barbara Morgenstern as influences, and have leaked this track to give us a taste of the multi-instrumental, harmony-laden songs we can expect when the band releases Na Na Ni on October 28. Further listening opportunities can be found at the band’s MySpace page.

Na Na Ni
01 Black Fur
02 Alina’s Place
03 Hei Hei
04 1986
05 Evil and I
06 Ninkon Loops
07 Angora Sleepwalking
08 Na Na Ni
09 11 Years
10 Morr

Fredrik – Black Fur