We’ve got a pretty sizable weak spot over here at XLR8R for pitch-shifted vocals. Whether you’re tweaking them up or down, and especially if they’ve got some obvious flavor to them, it’ll score you a few points in our book. So, for NastyNasty‘s new track, “Bleeding,” the well-sampled and soulful vocal clips that litter its three minutes are more of an icing on the cake. The San Francisco producer closes his forthcoming Puke Paint EP (that’s the cover up top) with this relatively stripped-down dubstep beat—making sure to precisely color in its edges with bits of space noise, a handful of wobbly bass tones, and, of course, those infectiously warped croons. It’s no new idea, but dammit if NastyNasty doesn’t work it with aplomb.

The Puke Paint EP is out on September 14 via Frite Nite.