Having just released its self-titled debut album earlier this month, Lemonade is now offering a bevy of reworkings from fellow Bay Area cohorts like Lazer Sword, Ghosts on Tape, and C.L.A.W.S. on a remixtape. Ambient dub duo Shades (Tim Saputo and Richard Toomer), who are finally going public with their recordings, contribute a shoegaze version of “Blissout.” The song opens with dream synths rolling in like a rising fog, haunted by distant echoes of Lemonade vocalist Callan Clendenin’s softened voice. A third of the way into the song, delicate chords begin to ripple across the distilled composition. The song breathes and transforms slowly in soft focus until it fades into a gentle crackle. If the original song wasn’t blissful enough, it is now. Lulu McAllister

Blissout (Shades remix)