Parisian tunesmith Manaré finishes out his recently released Quiet Riot EP with this hyperactive, UK funky-ish club tune, “Blitzkrieg Riddim.” The booming production is an extremely clean, well-made track whose pristine sounds were tailor-made for the world’s dancefloors and the brilliant soundsystems that power them; this isn’t headphone music. Manaré’s bass tones are full and bone-shaking, and his melodies cut like gems through every thickly layered sound effect; each sound on “Blitzkrieg” hits with a biting punch, forcing the listener to pay attention. You’ll find that the rest of the producer’s new release, which includes three original tunes and remixes from folks like L-Vis 1990 and French Fries, follows suit. You can preview the Quiet Riot EP here.

Blitzkrieg Riddim