The latest signing to Southern California’s hub for heartstring-tugging electronics and inventive beats, Non Projects, is a Pacific Northwest transplant named Justin Hopkins, who makes intricately woven sound tapestries that double as poignant tunes under the name RareBit. The producer’s debut EP drops on June 14, but before then we have the lovely “Blue Blood Baskets” to share with you. Like the artwork for The Destroyer (pictured above), Hopkins’ track is densely colorful, inherently psychedelic, and altogether moving; it sounds like something vaguely familiar—maybe a skittering ditty by The Books, maybe a sun-soaked mixtape you kept in your car—that you once loved. But just as you start to place what RareBit’s song reminds you of, its shimmering two and a half minutes are up, and you’re on to the next thing. Feel free to indulge your curiosities further, and check out a preview of The Destroyer EP, here.

Blue Blood Baskets