Brooklyn’s DJ Ayres has delivered this skittering remix for the upcoming “Blue Blouse” single from Toronto duo Torro Torro. On this remix we find Ayres taking things in a different direction than usual, leaning towards the garage/2-step side of things rather than the party-oriented, hip-hop and B-more styles he’s often known for. Ayres strips back and subdues the pound-you-over-the-head house of the original, keeping the song’s one-word melody (the word “you” pitched up and down) as the focus and utilizing layers of deep bass and dark piano to set the mood. Throughout the track, Ayres approaches a variety of different movements with the swagger of a seasoned remixer, manipulating the given elements in to a variety of related, yet unique sections that show the breadth of his abilities, even throwing in some surprisingly refreshing jazz piano chords in the track’s closing 30 seconds. The “Blue Blouse” single (artwork above), where you’ll find the original along with this and three more remixes, will be available tomorrow, March 8.

Blue Blouse (DJ Ayres remix)