The Czech Republic’s burgeoning Meanbucket imprint just let loose with its fourth release, four tracks of bubbling, forward-thinking club music by Berlin producer Naifian, called the Blue Snow EP (pictured above). Along with the German producer’s own single, the record offers remixes by the likes of DJ Donna Summer, Quime, and featured here, Czech Republic’s own DJ Tuco. Naifian’s Meanbucket labelmate delivers a ghetto-house version of “Blue Snow” that twist, turns, slides, and grinds in all the right ways. While clicking, whirring, and shuffling sound effects start working out an angular dance rhythm, synths stabs color the soundscape with melody and the busy, acid-leaning bassline grooves with the next-level house beat in double time. It’s certainly not a distant departure from the original tune, but Tuco’s remix offers just enough recognizable tweaks to nearly outshine its sonic forefather.

Blue Snow (Dj Tuco Ghetto House Remix)