The lazy electronic pop of “Blue Steel” first caught our attention last year, especially when we spotted the song’s oddly compelling video, which is basically a series of slow-motion shots of a station wagon running into inanimate objects. Since then, we’ve profiled the car-obsessed French duo, and on October 25, the pair will be releasing its debut album, Babylon by Car. However, before the full-length is officially unveiled, Benjamin Boguet (a.k.a. Cosmo Vitelli) and Julien Briffaz have commissioned the Blue Steel Remixes EP, which comes out next week. The record includes re-works by Azari and III, Para One and Tacteel, I Cube, Hannulelauri, and this take from NY duo Still Going. The DFA affiliates have taken the original, bumped up the tempo, excised a few snippets of its dreamy vocals, and turned in a banging Italo cut full of bright melodies and vintage synths. It may not be suitable as the soundtrack for a slow-motion car crash, but it will definitely work on the dance floor.

Blue Steel (Still Going Remix)