Detroit’s Coyote Clean Up is surely one of the most prolific artists to bubble up through the ranks in recent years, with releases for a littany of labels—100% Silk among them—and any number of side projects to his name. One such endeavor is Kitkkola, the handle under which the Midwest talent has released a new 17-track cassette, entitled Sarah’s Rocks, just today via 1080p. Listening to album cut “Blue Winking,” it’s easy to hear how Coyote Clean Up has been able to maintain such a prolific run: He seems to know exactly when he has a good thing going. Here, the producer pieces together a track that is simple enough, with a set of floating chords and bouncing percussion chopped by the thump of a kick drum and a loaded bassline. It’s a solid base, and one which the producer smartly throws just a handful of extra FX tricks and melodic touches on top of in order to extend the runtime to four minutes—essentially proving that maintaining a solid groove really isn’t rocket science.

Blue Winking