LA-based Chinese American artist bod [包家巷] makes haunting, thought-provoking, and downright trippy sound experiments. bod’s forthcoming release on rising label Pastel Voids—the label responsible for Chela Una’s XLR8R download “Serotonin Flux“—is a double-sided, limited edition tape titled Orchestra of the Frozen State—each side is also made available as a digital download.

Of the release, bod had this to say:

“The orchestra of the frozen state is the machine, my laptop. It belongs to my past in my estrangement as well as the functions of this estrangement, with what little money my mother had that she spent on my classical training. More often than most kids in the hood, I found myself in a suit, on a stage, in front of a bunch of rich people. Now more often than not, I find myself longing to be there again, a component of a larger system that I could blindly spew my technique into without regard to its meaning.

I made this tape because I don’t know who I am. I understand that this is a common problem, and that most people solve it by looking into their pasts, or connecting with their family, or something. None of these are viable, or possible really. I don’t believe I was ever meant to become a doctor and support family. I can’t see myself moving weight from one city in Arizona to another. I fucked up my voice with smoking so I can’t sing in choir anymore.”

You can download side b in full via WeTransfer below, with the cassette and side a available via Pastel Voids Bandcamp.