Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Ghost Feet is a pair of musicmakers who have come together under the banner of handmade electronics and cinematic soundscapes. The duo’s debut EP, Wires and Chords, was just unveiled via Portland’s Dropping Gems imprint, and is currently available as a free download or limited-edition cassette tape. Here, we have one of the four original tracks available on that release, possibly its most understated. Ghost Feet coalesces spacious field recordings, lilting synth tones, reverb-soaked guitar plucks, and crunchy rhythms into the tarnished shimmer that is “Bog”—always looking toward the stars, though never quite reaching them. If the wide scope of Mogwai’s melodies and the intimate sounds of Morr Music’s alumni appeal to your ears, we’d suggest you snag the Wires and Chords EP.