London-based videographer, label owner, DJ, and producer S.E.F. is poised to drop his debut record, the Autonomy EP, on November 5 via his own Switched On imprint. While it may sound like S.E.F. is kind of a newcomer, he has actually been involved in the London house scene for about 10 years, working closely with the likes of T. Williams and his Deep Teknologi label. And the experience shows on this cut from the artist’s upcoming EP, “Boiling Point,” as it represents the sounds of someone who, although new at producing, has the ear of a seasoned club veteran. Beginning with clips of a passionate speaker reminiscent of early Chicago house, the tune immediately distinguishes itself as something serious with a point to make. As the piece progresses, classic-house elements are introduced—including Rhodes stabs, 808 rim shots, and shuffling hi-hats—while the heated orator continues his provocative and motivational speech. You can preview the other two tracks set to drop on S.E.F’s first record after the jump.

Boiling Point